Spearfishing and Freediving

The only task I had that life changing day was to follow him through the water near the surface with a net, while he dove down over 10 meters with ease searching for lobster. I didn’t understand it at this point. It seemed almost impossible, how is it that someone can get that deep without their ears blowing out let alone being able to hold their breath that long? Turns out: This question would be the question that fuels my absolute detication to the sport daily.

There is a constant self-reward for achieving new depths, at longer dive times, hitting larger fish, improving to better guns, becoming more accurate, learning more about your own body, all while constantly gaining respect for the ever-changing threatening yet giving ocean. This primitive lifestyle is incredible, you are truly living off of the land. Mix that with the extreme sport free diving , and you’ve got spearfishing.

Spearfishing is by no means easy. But I think thats why this now classified “extreme sport” is becoming more popular. There’s something addicting about it. Once you get out of the water it gives you this high, whether its that instant energy the ocean gives you, or the simple reward of being able to eat sustainably and organically.

If you’re interested in learning more about free diving, spearfishing or lobstering in the caribbean, please feel free to contact me by filling out the form below. I will even be offering lessons to those in the area!

You can also check out my Instagram for lots of Photos and Videos Spearfishing and Freediving

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