Take Control of Your Life

It’s something we go through every single day. Every decision we make leads us to a fork in the road where we can either go left or right. Some roads may be smooth, some rocky, and some that may even lead you off-roading all together. But digging down to the root of it all it comes down to what kind of life we want to live. 

Do you notice a repeating pattern in your decisions? Do you find yourself constantly choosing the smoother path because you know they’re secure, predictable, and safe. I know I did this way too often. Same job, same house, same routine meant a secure life. But then there are those days that creep up on you that make you desire something exciting and out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, everyone enjoys some kind of “routine” that brings us a sense of purpose, I however was caving to my conscious self more than 90% of the time and allowing emotion control my life.

Do you know why consious change is scary? It’s like any growth…you can’t be ready for it because it’s going to be new. Something you’re not familiar with. How can we be comfortable with doing this if we are stripping away security we have created for ourselves? This is the key, the hill most people see, evaluate, and turn back from. You’re not just choosing have a new life once you go over the hill… you’re going to be a new person. And that doesn’t sit well with most people.

If you aren’t willing to push yourself to the point of discomfort you are simply not growing.

I am experiencing this daily, I have realized temporary discomfort in fighting the conscious self is extremely liberating in the end. Realizing you DO have control over your life is empowering.

I am not saying drop everything and move to some random country to see what happens. What I am saying is that no matter what daily decisions you have to make, be sure that they are pushing you in a direction you want to be moving towards. Towards what makes you feel happy and alive.

No one is going to come up to you and hand you your desires. 

Taking control of your life will be one of the hardest most wonderful things you will ever do. You may let people down, let go of precious things you have held onto, quit a job you’ve had for a while, leave a house, but one thing is for sure, you will never regret getting closer to real happiness. And no amount of security will ever bring as much joy as living life to its absolute fullest.

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