Sailing St.Thomas to Trinidad

Prelude: The night that started it all It started on a balcony. Austin, one of our best friends (and the current Captain of Flying Ginny, a 55ft Lagoon Catamaran) came to St. Thomas to hang out with Stephen and I for the night before he flew home for a couple weeks in June. (Side note: […]

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The Mozambique Experience

As you slowly come to consciousness laying under your mozzie net, you hear nothing but crashing waves and palm tree leaves dancing in the warm breeze. Without even opening your eyes, you come to the realization that It wasn’t a dream. This happened to me nearly every morning. I would wake up with a smile on my […]

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The Beginning

Here goes nothing, or everything? Ive never been a writer, but it couldn’t hurt to try. At least ill have something to look back on, right? Moving a place I had never been to before sounded crazy, even to me. I was in a place in my life however that wasn’t healthy for anyone to […]

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