Why Your Daydreams Are the Window Into Your Future

You have this feeling inside of you. You’re not sure where it’s coming from, but you feel it. Most of the time work and daily activities keep them surpressed. Until right before bed…it sits heavy on your chest. It becomes clearest in the pits of your own mind: This isn’t you. You crave something else.

I used to describe it as a “get me out of here” feeling. You’re able to cover it up and push through your daily activities because you know you’re comfortable where you are, and that settles it. We work to create this life and fill it with familiarity and structure. It’s a blessing, right? Being comfortable.

But if this is true, then why do we feel this way. You crave the unknown and unfamiliar faces and passions we think we have not yet discovered. I understand this, because I was there not that long ago.

From what I have gathered, there is only one explanation:

We feel these things because it’s the reason we were put here, some would call it your “destiny”. It calls to us in the purest of forms, sometimes delicate and politely entering the regions of our consciousness and other times forcefully and intensly, taking over thoughts completely after being ignored for so long. I like to call the polite attacks, daydreams. Catching you off guard in the middle of a work presentation or lecture. While the others are a desperate cry from the universe telling you something is missing from your life, you were meant for something bigger. These take over, usually in times of stress or anxiety…you’re vulnerable. “I know this isn’t me”. And the cycle starts all over again. How do we stop this cycle?

This process is normal, but I realize now that it’s necessary.

Leaving the comfort zone isn’t something anyone, not even me writing this to you, can make happen. There is only one person who can change your life, and that’s you. No one likes to hear that because we all feel that someone is going to hand us a different life. Like theres this one magical person that has the power to give us everything we want in life. I have bad news for you if you think this is true, the only person that can TRULY give you everything you want in life is YOU. I found out the hard way. I used to put all my happiness in others, and let me tell you it had me more depressed than I had ever been in my entire life.

We all forget that we have one (1) shot at life. There are no rules except the imaginary ones we abide by. What is the purpose of existence? If we ask ourselves this, and reply with “getting a good job, making money and having a family” who have you lived for? Yourself, or everyone else? And whoever said money will make you happy, had none.

I want you to do something. I recently told one of my greatest friends this piece of advice and it continuously resonates since then. Ask yourself: in this exact moment with the job you may or may not have, the life you’re living, and the people you surround yourself with, will you be okay (and sincerely happy) with living this way for the rest of your life?

Would you?

If the answer was yes: I applaud you. You’ve achieved something many people in this world never will. Real, pure, sincere happiness. You’ve managed to put yourself first, realizing the things around you were a product of your own progression.

If the answer was no: You’re going to leave eventually anyway. You know its true. The things that call to you, are no coincidence. Nothing is random. Even our decisions, were pre-determined by the experiences we have lived through in the past. Many would say they can’t leave their job or their house or their cars…but the reality is, you can, and you should if those things are not bringing you the happiness you know you deserve. Your life is a one shot kind of deal. You’re here to experience life, and find your passions, that is the reason we are here. Let that sink in for a moment…

You can achieve happiness by simply chasing it. Time is ticking, and whether you leave the things you feel “grounded”to this second, or in 10 years, you will still eventually have to leave those things if you want to pursue your true purpose. It’s only going to get harder as security and comfort sets in. The difference between doing it now or in 10 years (when you think you will be ready)? You will achieve happiness much sooner doing it today, than 10 years from now. Isnt that the goal?  You. Your happiness. Nothing will sting more than realizing you should have, and could have done it 10 years ago.

Make yourself proud and follow your heart. I know that sounds corny but you only have one life, fucking own it!

I don’t speak to you through fact or science. I’m speaking to you through enlightenment and my own experience. I’ve felt stuck, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been terrified to leave that comfort zone. I’ve left incredible jobs and great money and my amazing family. But I promise you, happiness is right outside of that comfort zone. I’ve found mine. And it makes me want to help others find theirs.

Only you can change your own life. If you know happiness is something other than what you’re doing now, chase it.

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